Earth Support Co., Ltd. Earth Support Niihama Service Manager

Earth Support Co., Ltd. Earth Support Niihama Service Manager

Earth support
Earth Support Niihama Service Manager

Earth Support Niihama Service Manager
We are a company specializing in home care services with more than 480 bases nationwide.
Based on the desire to provide “high quality,” “quick” and “reliable” customer-oriented services that are close to the local community, we now offer services for all 25 types.
Also, because we have a strong desire to make this happen, we are focusing on training our staff to visit customers' homes and provide services directly.
Even if you are an inexperienced person, as a professional staff in front of you, we have prepared an environment where you can grow to provide the best service.
We look forward to your application!

Earth Support Co., Ltd. Earth Support Niihama


Job openings Earth Support Co., Ltd. Earth Support Niihama Service Manager
Work location Niihama City, Ehime Prefecture
Working hours 8: 30 ~ 17: 30
Salary Monthly salary from 205,400 yen * Including treatment improvement allowance (30000 yen)
Holiday-vacation 4 weeks 8 off
* Closed on month 9
* Various vacations available (Keio vacation, special vacation, summer vacation, winter vacation, paid leave, maternity leave / childcare leave, nursing care leave)
Treatment and benefits ・ Social insurance (Health insurance, Employees' pension, Employment insurance, Industrial accident insurance)
-Annual holiday days 111 days
・ Transportation expenses (up to 50,000 / month)
* Please use public transportation for commuting. Car commuting is not allowed.
・ Health check
・ No transfer
・ Raise (1 times a year)
・ There is treatment improvement allowance
・ There are various benefits
・ Recreation facilities, physical education facilities, health classes, health subsidy system, influenza vaccination assistance
・ There is a qualification support system (support for acquiring training qualifications for beginners, support for acquiring qualifications for practitioners)
・ Various gifts and gifts
・ Uniform loan
・ Preparing to get Kurumin Mark
・ Bicycle commuting is possible
・ Towakai
・ In-house newsletter
・ Tomonin mark acquisition
・ Retirement allowance system available (* Conditions for more than 5 years of service)
・ Bonus (2 times a year, 3 months)


Employer name Earth support
Head office location Hommachi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
CEO Noriaki Moriyama
Business Care plan creation service, visiting bathing service, visiting care service, day service, food distribution service, welfare equipment sales rental service, visiting hairdressing beauty service, bedding hygiene processing service

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