Wizgarden Co., Ltd. Construction management-related / Permanent employees

Construction management related / full-time employees

Wizgarden Co., Ltd. Construction management-related / Permanent employees

With Garden Co., Ltd.
Construction management related / full-time employees

Construction management related / full-time employees
·We welcome people with experience! An environment where you can use your skills to further advance your career.
・ Eligible people are given preferential treatment ◎
・ Weekday work off! There is a merit that you can finish the errand during the weekday day when it is vacant ♪
・ Two days off per week! You can work on and off sharply.
・ Popular day work until 18:XNUMX ★ After-six is ​​also available ◎
・ There is a “salary raise system” that firmly evaluates and returns results! Please connect to income and career improvement ♪
・ There is a bonus! We will pay back your hard work firmly with a salary ◎
・ Many 20s are active! It's reassuring that there are people of the same age ♪
・ I am happy to receive the travel expenses ♪ You can go to work with confidence.
・ Enhance benefits! We value workability.
・ Equipped with various social insurance. Protect your peace ♪
・ It is a stable full-time job ♪ It is rewarding and stable ◎

【Job Description】
◆ I will leave the position of "Exterior Engineer" of the external structure garden business company ◆
This is a series of work from meeting to proposal / estimation of plan, site management, and delivery.

・ Outer structure garden
・ Design estimation
・ Construction management

● There is no sales activity.

Workplace in my 20s!
Would you like to hone your skills at a major group company that is “motivated” and “stable”?

[Human resources / capabilities required]
<Ability / Qualification / Skill>
・ Civil engineering management engineer
・ Landscaping construction management engineer
・ Building construction management engineer
Other related official qualifications
・ Basic PC skills (Word, Excel, email, etc.)

Those who have sales experience of a house maker or who have experience in dealing with gardening at home related work

<People and age>
-Active in their forties!
・ A healthy and positive person
・ Person who can communicate
・ Those who can tackle things strongly

【Working hours】
<Working hours> 9:00 to 18:00 (break 60 minutes) There is a system to slide the whole day and night (example) 11:30 to 20:30 <About overtime> About 40 hours a month Overtime fee is calculated monthly , Paid every 30 minutes

Regular holidays: Tuesdays and Wednesdays ● There are some workdays on Tuesday according to the yearly calendar ・ New Year's holidays, summer vacation (5 days or more each) ・ Kyousei paid leave ・ Parental nursing leave ・ Annual paid leave is taken on a full-day, half-day, hourly basis Possible annual holidays: 121 days (FY2019 actual)

・ Social insurance (Health insurance, Employees 'pension, Employment insurance, Workers' compensation insurance) ・ Transportation expenses provision ・ Retirement allowance system (applied after XNUMXrd year of joining company) ・ Defined contribution pension system ・ Group insurance system of group companies ・ Group companies Condolences and severance system for people with high disabilities ・ Affiliation to use "Life Support Club" for welfare benefits ・ Company-owned car for business use (commuting possible) ・ iPhone loan


Employer name With Garden Co., Ltd.
Head office location The name of the person in charge and contact information will be published after application.
CEO Kunihiro Nishito
Business Exterior of the detached house, cityscape design

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