Byte BIZ Terms of Use

Stipulates the services provided by the Byte BIZ Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”).

Article 1 Definition

  1. “Byte BIZ” refers to portal sites and apps provided by individuals that allow them to view job information in a batch.
  2. “Service” means a job that is adapted to a specific area or facility operated by the “Operator” as defined in Section 4 of this Article.
  3. “Operator” means the person who operates this service to suit a specific area or facility by cooperation or contract with the Company.
  4. “Operator” is a general term for operators.
  5. “User” means a person who uses the Service.
  6. “Content” means job information for all services.

Article 2 Scope

  1. This agreement defines the copyright and terms of use related to this service provided by this operator and this content.
  2. The user shall create an ID account in advance to use all functions of the Service, including the job editing function, job posting function, and bookmark function.
  3. If you use this service, you are deemed to have agreed to these terms.

Article 3 License

  1. The operator grants the user the right to use this service non-exclusively for free.
  2. Provider connection charges and communication costs for users to use this service will be borne by the user.
  3. According to this agreement, any industrial property rights (patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, trademark rights and the rights and know-how to receive them) other than those permitted in this section are collectively referred to as “industrial property rights”. Is not intended to be transferred or licensed to the user, express or implied.

Article 4 Copyright of the Service

  1. The copyright of all software, documents, images and reproductions provided by this service belongs to the operator or its suppliers.

Article 5 Copyright of this content

  1. When users submit this content to this service, the content is copied, publicly transmitted, distributed throughout the world using electronic media such as websites, CDs and DVDs, and paper media such as magazines and books. , Translation, adaptation, publishing copyright rights (including the right to re-use these rights from third party to third party) by the user for free Shall be. However, the period for which this content is licensed is limited to the end of the copyright period of the content.
  2. In posting the Content to the Service, the User guarantees to the Operator that he / she has all the copyright rights to copy, publicly transmit, distribute, translate, adapt and publish the Content will do. If the user does not have some or all of these rights, the operator and / or third party who has received a re-use license from the operator at their own responsibility and expense. I agree that there will be no problems for users to use.
  3. The user shall permit the operator or a third party who has received a re-use license from the operator in this section to modify the content according to the following items.
    1. If this content is written in text, summarize or extract part or all of it.
    2. If this content is an image or video, part or all of it should be resized, trimmed, or otherwise edited.
    3. If this content is sound (including voice or music), edit all or part of it by changing the volume, changing keys, or other methods.
  4. The user agrees not to exercise the moral rights of the content other than the modifications set forth in the preceding paragraph to the operator and / or third parties who have received a re-use license from the operator.

Article 6 Prohibited matter

  1. The user shall not do the following without prior written permission from the operator.
    1. Reprinting, transferring, selling, distributing, or modifying all or part of the content such as documents and images provided by this service, regardless of the method.
    2. Reprinting, transferring, selling, distributing, making available for download in public places, modifying, reverse engineering, decompiling, and disassembling all or part of the software used for this service in any way .
    3. Rent or lease this service.
  2. Users shall not provide this content including the following:
    1. Content that damages industrial property rights, copyrights, profits, etc. of the operator, those who operate affiliated sites of this service, and other third parties.
    2. Content that slanders others, defames others, or violates privacy.
    3. Contents contrary to public order and morals.
    4. Content that leads to and / or promotes illegal, criminal or dangerous acts.

Article 7

  1. Regardless of whether it is express or implied with respect to the Service, the Operator shall be free from defects, conform to a specific purpose, use of the Service will not infringe on the rights of third parties, We do not guarantee that usage will not be interrupted.
  2. In connection with any damage (including but not limited to lost profits, business interruptions, loss of business information and other monetary damages) arising from or related to the use or unavailability of the Service, No responsibility is assumed. The same shall apply even if the operator is informed of the possibility of such damage.
  3. The operator shall not be liable for the contents of this content or any illegal acts of users arising from this content.

Article 8 User responsibility

  1. The user shall use this service at his / her own risk.

Article 9 Delete authority

  1. In any of the following cases, the operator shall make all or part of the Content, or any related information, regardless of whether the Content is illegal or not Measures such as deletion can be taken without notifying the content provider.
    1. When public authorities or experts point out or express opinions regarding this content, such as illegal, public order and morals violations, or infringements on the rights of others.
    2. When there is a claim from a third party regarding this content.
    3. When the operator determines that this content infringes the copyright of a third party.
    4. Other cases where this content falls under section 6, Article 2.

Article 10 Termination and Change

  1. The Operator may terminate the Service and / or the Terms without prior notice.
  2. This operator shall be able to terminate the use of this service by the user without notice if the user violates the conditions stipulated in this agreement.
  3. The Operator may change any part or all of the Terms at any time without obtaining prior consent from the user.
  4. If the user uses this service after this agreement has been amended in accordance with the preceding paragraph, it shall be deemed that the user has accepted all of this agreement. However, depending on the content of the revision, you may be asked to agree to the revised terms of use.

Article 11 Handling of personal information

  1. In using this service, the user shall consent to the privacy policy relating to the provision of an ID account specified by the operator.
  2. This operator uses the information of the user's ID account for the purpose of communication regarding this service.
  3. This operator uses technology that checks the usage status of the same user, such as cookies, for the operation and analysis of services and systems that improve the convenience of Byte BIZ (including apps, websites, and servers) . It also obtains traffic data between apps, web browsers and servers, and uses statistically processed data for analysis so that individuals cannot be identified.
  4. This operator may obtain the location information of your terminal and use it to provide services to that customer. The website and application may use (including service provision, analysis for service improvement, etc.) in a state where these location information cannot be identified by individuals through statistical processing. The website and application provide such location information to other customers in a state where the individual can be identified, and the operator provides it to other third parties, and is operated by the third party. It is not sent to an external server.
  5. The handling of personal information in this service not specified in this section shall be in accordance with the privacy policy separately established by the operator. If there are different provisions between the privacy policy related to the provision of ID account and the privacy policy separately established by the operator, the privacy policy separately established by the operator shall take precedence.

Article 12 Survival Clause

  1. Even after this Agreement is terminated by Article 10, Article 3, Article 3, Article 4 to Article 9, Article 11 to Article 13 will still be valid.

Article 13 Miscellaneous

  1. These Terms do not obligate the Operator to provide any kind of support (such as defect correction, telephone or fax or email support and technical services) or upgrades.
  2. The establishment, validity and performance of these Terms shall be governed and interpreted entirely by Japanese law.
  3. This agreement is written in Japanese. However, the creation of reference translations in other languages ​​will not be precluded, but Japanese text shall prevail in the interpretation of these Terms.
  4. The Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive court of jurisdiction for the first instance for all disputes relating to these Terms or Services.