Shin-Yamagata Home Tech Co., Ltd. Construction management-related / Permanent employee

Shin-Yamagata Home Tech Co., Ltd. Construction management-related / Permanent employee

Shin Yamagata Home Tech Co., Ltd.
Construction management related / full-time employees

Construction management related / full-time employees
As a member of the Cleverly Home Franchise, we have stores in Mogami area and Murayama area.
In particular, we are focusing on training employees, investing more than 500 million annually in employee training costs, and we have excellent senior employees at the top 160 level out of 10 stores nationwide.
The appeal of our company is the education and guidance system that allows even inexperienced and new graduates to play an active role.
We are also implementing work-style reforms through NO overtime days and in-house IT, and have created an environment in which employees can continue to work with a turnover rate of 3%.

・ Applications while working, welcome inquiries
・ Please bring your Hello Work vacancies if you have one
・ Inexperienced people, welcomed experienced people
・ No retreat for all occupations
・ Depending on the type of work, there are shorter working hours

【Job Description】
● Regarding work
It is a job that employs full-time employees who can enjoy working by making use of their knowledge of architecture and construction.
Many former carpenters, craftsmen, housemakers, and designers have changed jobs.
Mainly the construction work management of the main contractor.
We are offering treatments such as enhanced holidays and various benefits.
For some occupations, we also have reduced working hours.

● Details of work content
You will be responsible for construction management at the renovation site.
Unlike the construction management of a new house, irregular construction and quality control are required, so we give preferential treatment to those with construction knowledge and those with experience in construction construction management.

● Support system after joining the company
Depending on your experience and skills, you can learn the knowledge of construction and remodeling and the knowledge of construction from the basics by training after joining the company.
In addition, we have an in-house system that makes it easy to ask questions and ask questions.
We also have a qualification support system for architects, construction management engineers, civil engineering management engineers, etc.

● About evaluation and salary
At our company, the more we work hard, the better we are to develop our careers and establish a system that allows us to be evaluated fairly.
The basic policy fairly evaluates motivation and achievements regardless of age or gender.
In addition, many mid-career employees are promoted to managerial positions early, and while their monthly salary is fixed and stable, their achievements and hard work are reflected in incentives and bonuses.
There are opportunities to build a career according to your work style and role, so please participate in the company information session.

[Human resources / capabilities required]
・ Persons with construction knowledge, preferential treatment by experienced construction workers

Number of holidays 106 days (Saturday (biweekly), Sundays and public holidays 2 days system, New Year holidays and summer holidays)

・ Equipped with various social insurance ・ No overtime work ・ Assistance for attending external study sessions ・ Personal clothes allowance ・ Commuting allowance ・ Qualification allowance (home builder, 1st and 2nd grade architect qualified) ・ Operating remuneration (regulation) ・ Housing allowance・ Childcare leave ・ Employee trips and many more!


Employer name Shin Yamagata Home Tech Co., Ltd.
Head office location The name of the person in charge and contact information will be published after application.
CEO Masahiko Yaguchi
Business Wooden construction industry

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