Nihon Medisys Co., Ltd. Sales / Planning Sales / Contract Employee

Nihon Medisys Co., Ltd. Sales / Planning Sales / Contract Employee

Nippon Medicis Co., Ltd.
Sales / planned sales / contract employees

Sales / planned sales / contract employees
仕事 I work for a community-based CATV company //

I work for a cable television company that is rooted in the Harima region of Hyogo Prefecture.

Guide fixed line (Internet, telephone, etc.) to local customers.

[Details of work]

Customer service, information and sales
Hearing of specific requests (budget etc.) and proposal of optimal plan
Respond to inquiries regarding customers' unknown points

▼ High income is possible with commission system! ▼
Provide incentives according to clear criteria.
Transparency is high, the annual income of 50 million yen can be a realistic goal, and the opportunity and challenge are great!

[There is a regular employee appointment system]
In the shortest six months after joining the company, you may be hired as a regular employee!
Here's an environment to justify your efforts!


Employer name Nippon Medicis Co., Ltd.
Head office location The name of the person in charge and contact information will be published after application.
CEO Takekazu Matsuyama
Business outline ・ Human resource service business
・ Communication consulting business
・ Web content production management business

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