Will Tech Co., Ltd. / Full-time employee

Will Tech Co., Ltd. / Full-time employee

Wiltec Co., Ltd.
General affairs / regular employees

General affairs / regular employees
OK even if you are not good at PC!
Inexperienced welcome because there is a training system
System inquiry and troubleshooting

[This is the point]
This job is a job that you can work even if you have little special skills or work experience.
However, there are places where it is difficult to work if you do not have interest in and ambition for work.
Many people have worked in the industry since their previous job was manufacturing or service industry
All you need is communication and motivation.
Those who want to get a job in the future, those who want to work as regular employees
Please apply by all means.

【Qualification requirements】
communication ability
OK if you can input PC easily
(If you are not weak, you will teach properly in the training)
* If you have applied in the past, please contact us directly

[Application Background]
Our company, WILLTEC, got over without any dismissal during the Lehman shock in 2008.
That's why the trust of our customers was so strong that we started dealing with a new factory.
The demand in the semiconductor industry is growing, and we have decided to recruit for this time.

【Job Description】
Operations related to system inquiries, troubleshooting, etc.

[Working place]
Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture

[Commuting method and remarks]
Car, train, bus, bicycle

【Transportation facilities】
Aichi Loop Train Mikawa Toyota Station 15 minutes walk

【Working hours】
(Day shift exclusive) 9: 00 to 17: 50

On weekends

270000 yen ~ (Monthly salary)

[Monthly income example]
270000 yen

[Salary / Remarks]
330 million to 400 million yen per year depending on skill
* 3 months after joining the company is a trial period. The conditions are unchanged.


Employer name Wiltec Co., Ltd.
Head office location The name of the person in charge and contact information will be published after application.
CEO Miyagi power
Business Manufacturing contracting business / Manufacturing dispatch business / Manufacturing equipment contract business / Mechanical engineer dispatch business / Repair service business / Overseas human resources business

This job is quoted from Shigot.in.
For more information about job offers, please contact Shigoto.
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