Will Tech Accounting / Contract Employee

Will Tech Accounting / Contract Employee

Wiltec Co., Ltd.
Accounting / Contract Employee

Accounting / Contract Employee
Settlement and planning work
Experienced people welcome

[This is the point]
This is a job welcomed by experienced accounting clerks.
Have you ever left work because of a change in your lifestyle, but why not use your career and qualifications that you have cultivated, such as those who want to work again?
Bookkeeping knowledge of level 3 or higher, PC is fine even if there is a little blank if data can be tabulated by function calculation in Excel!

Those who can go to work even during the long holidays such as the New Year holidays and GW are welcome ☆

【Qualification requirements】
Bookkeeping certification level 3 or higher (Level 2 is preferred)
PC skills (Excel operation: Pivot, function utilization [IF, SUMIF, vloookup, etc.], Access operation is preferred)

[Application Background]
There were new orders from customers due to business expansion
We are looking for someone who can be active as an accounting clerk.

【Job Description】

Confirmation and aggregation of data (Excel)
Accounting slip accounting (Excel and accounting system)
Cost management system data creation (local system)

[Working place]
Otsu-cho, Kikuchi-gun, Kumamoto

[Commuting method and remarks]
Car, motorcycle

【Transportation facilities】
14 minutes by car from Seta Station on JR Hohi Main Line
JR Hohi Main Line Higo Otsu Station 10 minutes by car

【Working hours】
(Day shift exclusive) 8: 00 to 17: 00

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays (company calendar)

1300 yen ~ (hourly wage system)

[Monthly income example]
216671 yen


Employer name Wiltec Co., Ltd.
Head office location The name of the person in charge and contact information will be published after application.
CEO Miyagi power
Business outline Manufacturing contracting business / Manufacturing dispatch business / Manufacturing equipment contract business / Mechanical engineer dispatch business / Repair service business / Overseas human resources business

This job is quoted from Shigot.in.
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