Onsite construction management-related / regular employee

Construction management related / full-time employees

Onsite construction management-related / regular employee

Onsite Co., Ltd.
Construction management related / full-time employees

Construction management related / full-time employees
★ Our company, which is developing many construction projects in the Tohoku and Kanto areas, is engaged in construction management work in a wide range of fields such as construction, civil engineering, electrical equipment, air conditioning and sanitary equipment!

[45.8% of employees have no experience in construction management or have a blank]
It is a workplace where it is easy to realize the success of a person with a blank or rehabilitation of construction management by having follow-up to concentrate on site work, support of sales staff, and thorough hearing before work.
The knowledge necessary for work can be acquired through the training curriculum and OJT, so do not worry if you have a blank / inexperienced person or only a worker experience.

[Full welfare backs up workability]
In addition to basic allowances such as commuting allowances and qualification allowances, we also provide allowances for changes in lifestyle such as family allowances and child education allowances.
For those who can be assigned to a remote location, we will provide an employee dormitory fully equipped with furniture (the rent will be fully paid by the company), moving allowance, transfer allowance, homecoming expenses, so you can work while sitting Will

【Job Description】
In charge of construction management work for various construction projects

From the Building Section, Civil Engineering Section, and Equipment Section (air conditioning and sanitary equipment / electrical equipment), you are requested to belong to the department that suits your needs and experience.
The work contents are construction management work (process, safety, quality, etc.) at the construction site and document preparation work and meetings.

The time required for one job varies from several months to several years.
"I want to be in charge of projects with little overtime"
"I want to value the time I spend with my family"
We attach great importance to ease of work by personally facing each request.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any requests regarding the business you want to work on or the city you want to work in.

≪Example of project≫
● Condominiums and office buildings (S / RC / SRC structures)
● Public buildings such as schools and city halls
● Facilities such as hospitals and nursing facilities
● Civil engineering work on pavements, dams, bridges, etc.
● Air conditioning and sanitary equipment and electrical equipment work accompanying construction work

In addition, it is a job that expands the world and allows you to engage in various businesses.
In addition to creating an environment where people with abundant experience to shallow people can work satisfactorily, it is also a feature that you can enrich your private life with thorough labor management.
This environment is recommended for those who want to steadily accumulate their careers as construction management.

[Human resources / capabilities required]
<Required experience / skills / qualifications>
Construction industry experience (workers, etc.)
Ordinary car license (AT limited)

<Welcome experience, skills and qualifications>
◎ Construction management engineer (construction, civil engineering, pipe construction, electrical equipment), qualification of architect
◎ Construction management experience at general contractors, subcontractors, house makers, etc.
◎ Experience in operating CAD software
◎ Basic operation of Excel Word

<People you want>
◎ Those who want to be involved in projects that lead to career advancement as construction management
◎ Persons who want to accumulate practical experience and acquire a qualification as a construction management engineer or architect
◎ Those who want to actively challenge new career building and new business in the construction industry
◎ Those who want to engage in various projects

* Educational age and age do not matter!

・ Two days off per week (2th-7th / Saturday / Sunday) * Depending on the project, you may come to work once or twice a month on Saturday. -Holidays-New Year holidays-Summer holidays-GW leave-Paid leave-German leave-Before and after childbirth-Parental leave-Special leave * You can take consecutive holidays of 9 days or more. * 1 days a year

・ Social insurance (employment / health / employee pension) ・ Labor accident insurance system ・ Voluntary accident compensation insurance ・ Company mobile payments ・ Employee dormitory (equipment fully equipped with full rent) ・ Bounty ・ Keisei payment system…


Employer name Onsite Co., Ltd.
Head office location The name of the person in charge and contact information will be published after application.
CEO Takahiro Watanabe
Business [Construction Division]
Providing various construction management services for construction, civil engineering, air conditioning and sanitary equipment, electrical equipment, etc. in the construction area

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