CLEA Light Work Co., Ltd./Permanent employee

CLEA Light Work Co., Ltd./Permanent employee

Claire Co., Ltd.
Light work / full-time employees

Light work / full-time employees
[Inexperienced ~ OK! It is a workplace where people of all ages are active.
CLEA Co., Ltd. trains, dispatches and contracts human resources mainly in the field of semiconductor manufacturing.

<Attractiveness of work>
■ I am working at a factory that was newly established in the spring of 2019.
■ Various educational curriculums are provided so that even inexperienced people can work with peace of mind as well as basic training to improve their skills and career.
■ We have a solid welfare package, so we support you in every situation!

"Work location"
Ishigaya Town, Kagoshima City
* About 20 minutes by car from Kagoshima Chuo Station

【Job Description】
It is the operation of various machines that manufacture semiconductors.
The main task is to set the parts on the machine and press the buttons according to the instructions.

[Human resources / capabilities required]
Age Educational qualifications

Inexperienced ~ OK!
People of all ages are active!

・ Weekdays 2 days (4 work days 2 holidays) ・ Saturday and Sunday holidays available ・ Summer and long-term holidays available

・ Social insurance available (employment insurance, health insurance, welfare pension, workmen's accident insurance) ・ Transportation expenses (car / motorcycle commuting allowed) ・ Uniform loan ・ Employee cafeteria available


Employer name Claire Co., Ltd.
Head office location The name of the person in charge and contact information will be published after application.
CEO Akihiro Goto
Business CLEA Co., Ltd. dispatches and proposes personnel with specialized knowledge centering on the semiconductor manufacturing business.
We have introduced an educational curriculum to develop human resources who can play an active role in the field, aiming to create an organization that can meet the various needs of partners as well as the career development of human resources.

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