Nagaharaounder Route Co., Ltd./Contract employee

Nagaharaounder Route Co., Ltd./Contract employee

Nagaha Corporation
Rounder Route Sales / Contract Employee

Rounder Route Sales / Contract Employee
☆ ★ Monthly income 136 yen ♪
☆ ★ Train commuting OK ♪
We are looking for part staff!

[Specific work content]
This time, I will be active in Suzuka City Shono Kyoshin
"Part staff" will be recruited ♪

It is a job to ask existing customers at the temporary agency. Although it is an easy job, I will teach you the job carefully. Please feel free to apply.

For inexperienced people,
Since I will teach carefully from the beginning, start safe ◎
Regardless of age & blank,
Simple work that everyone can remember ♪

【Working hours】
《Day shift》 9: 00 ~ 15: 00
◇ Holiday weekends and holidays
◇ Long vacation (GW, summer, New Year holidays) available
* Based on factory calendar

[Salary remarks]
◇ Monthly income example 136 yen ♪ [predetermined 500h x 105 yen]
あ り There is a pay advance system ♪
You can make a transfer immediately by calling us! OK every week!
You can use it casually.

[Transportation expenses, etc.]
定期 There is a regular support system for train commuting. * Maximum XNUMX yen
◇ There is a popular commuter scooter rental (XNUMX yen per month) ♪
◇ Free commuter bicycle rental available.

◆ For those who are new to dispatch or who are far away, please apply with confidence
◆ Please feel free to consult with friends.


Employer name Nagaha Corporation
Head office location The name of the person in charge and contact information will be published after application.
CEO Naoto Atsumi
Business outline Comprehensive human resources outsourcing
◇ Business contracting
◇ Worker dispatch business

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