Nasky Construction Management-related / Permanent employee

Construction management related / full-time employees

Nasky Construction Management-related / Permanent employee

Nasky Corporation
Construction management related / full-time employees

Construction management related / full-time employees
◆ As a construction company in Miyagi and Sendai, we provide various construction contracts and consulting services for construction personnel!
As we have many achievements in Miyagi and Tohoku, we have earned the trust of a strong local company.
In addition, we are making every possible effort together with the local community toward the reconstruction of Tohoku, the disaster area!

◇ Transfer, return, homecoming travel expenses will be paid in real cost!
There is a remote area allowance!
Dormitories are available for remote areas.

◇ You can take long vacations, so you can enjoy your private life ☆

◇ High income and various benefits!
It is perfect for those who want to earn money while helping people with "manufacturing" ♪

◇ Strength
The mother of construction is not a dispatch of engineers!
You can also experience prime contractors such as government office construction!
Expand various businesses!
We have alliances from super general contractors to local companies, and we can train at major companies!

Main motives for joining the company
-There are various business areas.
・ Based in Sendai, the business area is 6 prefectures in Tohoku.
・ Learn technology with major general contractors.
・ There are substantial government projects such as orderer support and NEXCO.
・ You can work in the desired work area.
・ Many young employees are enrolled.
・ A good work-life balance.

<Work location> Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture
* Car commuting is possible ☆

【Job Description】
We will handle the orderer support business.

・ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, NEXCO, support work for prefectural civil engineering
・ Construction supervision technical support
・ Technology support
・ Research and design work
・ Technical data creation
・ Management of construction company
・ Photo management
・ Business such as drawing correction (AUTOCAD)
→ Construction management 8% (civil engineering 7; architecture 3) Others, CAD work, on-site office work.

[Human resources / capabilities required]
・ PC operation (Excel, Word)
・ Welcome to work experience
・ Welcome to those who have experience in ordering support
・ Civil engineering management engineer 1st or 2nd
・ NEXCO manager or engineer C qualification preferential treatment

* If you do not have a qualification and have experience in construction management, or if you have little experience, please contact us!
* Seniors are welcome depending on their experience and qualifications!

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays Summer vacation New Year holidays GW vacation Others According to the site calendar


Employer name Nasky Corporation
Head office location The name of the person in charge and contact information will be published after application.
CEO Shinichiro Ishida
Business It is widely used as an ordering work from each local government centered on Sendai City and as a construction cooperation company of a major construction company.

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