BST Inc. Sales / Planning Sales / Permanent employees

BST Inc. Sales / Planning Sales / Permanent employees

BST Inc.
Sales / Planned Sales / Regular employees

Sales / Planned Sales / Regular employees
[From all over Japan to overseas expansion! ? Pioneer of measures against bird damage to pigeons]
・ This is a bird damage control group that has 60 distributors in Japan and 4 distributors overseas.
・ This time, we are looking for a sales person!
・ There are no new sales that are impossible due to repeats and introductions.
・ We have a wide range of consultations from major general contractors to individuals!
・ Most seniors have no experience!
・ Because the manual is complete, you can take on the challenge with confidence.
・ A flood of requests from Saga Imari City from all over the country! Overseas expansion ◎
・ Business trip is 3-5 days a month! Move like a trip ☆

Because it is a niche, you can be the top if you master it!
Would you like to play an active role as a pest control professional whose demand is increasing in Japan?

【Job Description】
You will work as a bird damage control business (bird consultant)!

[Details of work]
・ Telephone inquiry service
⇒ From a bird victim who has inquiries from all over the country
Please consult us.

・ Field survey / site management
⇒Specifically visit the customer's damaged site,
Please propose a bird damage countermeasure.

・ Customer support at exhibitions, visits to business partners, etc.
⇒Participate in construction and factory related exhibitions mainly in Tokyo,
We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

≪Inexperienced people are welcome! ! ≫
Please be assured that your senior will follow you from the beginning and teach you carefully from the beginning.
■ Bonus: Yes (twice a year)

◆ Please check!
・ Before entry, we will explain the work contents and tour the company, so
Please apply with confidence.
・ Online interviews from remote locations are also possible (U-turn and I-turn people welcome)

[Human resources / capabilities required]
drivers license

★ Inexperienced welcome
★ Blank OK
★ No sales experience

Most of the members who are currently working have no industry experience and no sales experience ♪
There is also a manual after joining the company, so you can challenge with confidence!


Employer name BST Inc.
Head office location The name of the person in charge and contact information will be published after application.
CEO Junichi Nonaka
Business ·Construction industry
・ Service industry
(Bird damage prevention construction, bird avoidance gel development and manufacturing)

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