Future Communications Co., Ltd. Other IT / system engineers / development / operations / contracted employees

Future Communications Co., Ltd. Other IT / system engineers / development / operations / contracted employees

Future Communications Inc.
Other IT / system engineers / development / operations / contract employees

Other IT / system engineers / development / operations / contract employees
With Access / VBA, we perform design, manufacturing, testing, and production migration, etc., in accordance with the upgrade of the in-house core system.

● Work environment
After receiving instructions from the Kanto base,
We work with two people.
Including employees performing other duties,
Employees in their 20s and 40s play a central role
This is a floor where about 20 people are working.
"Easy to go to near the station"
"I'm glad I have less overtime,"
I am glad for women such as personal lockers
Facilities are perfect *

● Education flow
Seniors who understand the flow of work
We will do the work under your instructions.
Business schedule management
Reliable because senior employees do it *
Currently, some leaders are active on the front lines
I started from an inexperienced 20s
I improved my skills through practical work.
After a certain amount of discretion,
Leader will follow up including progress management.

● Business contents
Boasting industry-leading recognition,
Of a major financial company's internal core system
Design / manufacturing with version upgrade,
Testing and production migration.
(Language: Access VBA, VB6.0)

● Eligibility for application / Recommended for such people
・ Access / VBA or VB6.0
Development experience (more than 6 months work experience)
・ Person who can value teamwork
・ Those who want to improve their skills as engineers
・ Those who want to hone their skills in a good environment!

◎ Same day to long term
◎ Break room, personal locker available
◎ No smoking in the office (smoking room available)

OK even if you have little work experience!
First of all, senior employees educate firmly in OJT.
Because it is a site with a high retention rate, even a little
If you are worried, please contact us as soon as possible *


Employer name Future Communications Inc.
Head office location The name of the person in charge and contact information will be published after application.
CEO Munetaka Tododa
Business outline This is a temporary staffing and staffing company founded in February 2003.
Since many members have been involved in setting up and operating financial and technical call centers, the company is strong in call center work. In addition, we are fully engaged in the computer-related business, and are engaged in a wide range of projects, including SE / programmers, network engineers, and PC help desks.

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