Mediplan Corporation, Inc. Other apparel, beauty, and health / regular employees

Other Apparel / Beauty / Health / Permanent employees

Mediplan Corporation, Inc. Other apparel, beauty, and health / regular employees

Mediplan Corporation
Other Apparel / Beauty / Health / Permanent employees

Other Apparel / Beauty / Health / Permanent employees
Demand subjects
・ Pediatrics about 1 sheets a day

ス タ ッ フ
・ Managed pharmacist
・ Pharmacy administration 2 people
Work by 9:00
・ Preparation
9:00 start
・ Pre-made: Dispensing in advance so that patients will not wait
・ Service: Call out to the patient and be attentive
・ Dispensing: picking and packaging drugs
・ Audit: Confirmation of appropriateness of prescription contents and dispensing based on symptoms
・ Medication: Eliminate patient anxiety and implement plans
・ Pharmaceutical history: Record the progress of the patient's medical condition on a personal computer
・ Accounting: Transfer money with patients
・ Cleaning: Used dispensing equipment is cleaned
・ Information: Collect drug information and prepare a plan for drug history
XNUMX minutes break
12:00 break XNUMX minutes
13:00 Same as morning
18:00 Closing, leaving the company

・ By mixing two powders, less than XNUMX seconds are required from the reception of the prescription to the inspection.
・ Supports prescription QR code
・ Panasonic electronic drug history
・ YUYAMA packaging machine XNUMX packets, XNUMX packets, fully automatic disk XNUMX packets
・ Powder audit system
・ Forms batch print system
・ In order of drug shelf
・ One pharmacist, two clerks (Thorough confirmation of W by clerks)
・ There is support from the headquarters during holidays
・ All the stores have a close relationship with the customer, and they are open to any questions.
・ Reliable low error rate by checking the dispensing work.
・ It is an environment where you can concentrate on patients because the prefectural top class dispensing affairs assistant and the headquarters perform chores such as inventory and document submission.


Employer name Mediplan Corporation
Head office location The name of the person in charge and contact information will be published after application.
CEO Jun Makise
Business outline Dispensing pharmacies, day care, real estate

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