Yunomo Nursery Co., Ltd./Full-time employee

Childcare / Regular employees [Human resources]

Yunomo Nursery Co., Ltd./Full-time employee

Yunomo Co., Ltd.
Childcare / Regular employees [Human resources]

Childcare / Regular employees [Human resources]
[Men and women ◎] [Child instructor] [Full-time employee] [Experienced preferential treatment] Entitlement entitlement! 110 days a year holiday ♪ I will take a rest! Work slowly in the morning! Provide an environment where children can feel safe!

Qualified people welcome!
After school, we provide a place for children with disabilities to live with peace of mind.
We provide a place where children with disabilities can spend their time safely after school.
At the facility, enjoy activities (group activities, outing, cooking, etc.) with the children.
* People who love children
* Those who want to improve their skills!
* Those who want to work happily

It is a community-based facility

Infants and children

【Name of facility】
One Place Wakaba Yokkaichi Store

Day shift only child instructor

【Qualification requirements】
・ Normal car driving license (AT limited)

* If you have any of the following
・ Social worker
・ Mental health worker
・ Teacher license
・ Graduate graduates with credit in social welfare, psychology, pedagogy, and sociology
・ Experience in child welfare business (3 years or more)

【Work location】
Minamimatsumoto, Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture

◇ 3-minute walk from Aobacho Minami Bus Stop

200 yen / month

・ Basic salary: 140 yen
・ Business allowance: 40 yen
・ Qualification allowance: 20 yen

・ Bonus twice a year (last year: 2 to 5 yen)

【Working hours】
(1) 10: 30 to 19: 30
(2) 9: 00 to 18: 00
Break 60 minutes
(2): Saturdays, national holidays, GW, year-end and New Year holidays, school holidays, etc. Overtime average 10 hours

[Holidays and holidays]
Weekly two-day shift (every week) shift system, year-end and New Year holidays, Bon holiday
Annual holiday 110 days / annual paid leave 10 days (after 6 months of work)


Employer name Yunomo Co., Ltd.
Head office location The name of the person in charge and contact information will be published after application.
CEO Hirotaka Inoki
Business Specific worker dispatching business, helper school, temporary staffing business, advertising agency business, referral business

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