Ome Shoten Co., Ltd. Sales / Planning Sales / Permanent employees

Sales / Planned Sales / Regular employees

Ome Shoten Co., Ltd. Sales / Planning Sales / Permanent employees

Ome Shoten Co., Ltd.
Sales / Planned Sales / Regular employees

Sales / Planned Sales / Regular employees
゜ +. ★ 70 years since it was founded and loved by everyone in the area!
Would you like to work with us? ★. + ゜

Experienced people preferred ☆ Inexperienced people are welcome! !
I want to meet you who are motivated.

Daime Shoten Co., Ltd.
Bringing energy closer to you and more freely
Offering comfortable and economical energy to your life
It is an energy trading company.

Prepare an environment where you can try various things
We are waiting for you!

◆ Proposing economical and comfortable energy!
It's a rewarding job that helps others!
◆ Station Chika! A convenient location for commuting.
◆ Inexperienced OK ◎ You can start with confidence with a full training system!
◆ Private also ♪ Two weekly holidays with weekends off!
◆ Social insurance is complete and paid leave is available! You can work with peace of mind ◎
◆ It is a well-ventilated and cozy workplace!

We look forward to your application!

<< Access >> 5 minutes walk from Bingo Akasaka station

【Job Description】
We hope that you will play an active part in the work of sales business that proposes power reduction and solar power closely related to Fukuyama City in Hiroshima Prefecture!

Specifically: XNUMX) Proposal of electricity switching to corporations, electricity reduction proposal XNUMX) Proposal of solar power installation to corporations XNUMX) Proposal of sales to investors

In the proposal of electricity switching and reduction of electricity to corporations, we propose to reduce electricity bills and electricity by making electricity by solar power generation in-house.

Even if you have no experience in sales, senior employees can train you on-the-job, so even young people can play an active role!
In addition, we have an in-house sales course, so it is a workplace where you can grow through both the lectures and OJT!

[Human resources / capabilities required]
・ Unqualified OK!

Even inexperience is welcome!

[Employed people]
·2 people

■ Commuting allowance: Yes ■ Full social insurance (Health insurance, Welfare pension, Employment insurance, Industrial accident insurance) ■ Paid leave (legally paid) ■ Congratulatory leave ■ Qualification allowance: 2 yen / month to 000 yen / month ■ Family allowance: Spouse: 6 yen, Children: 000 yen / person


Employer name Ome Shoten Co., Ltd.
Head office location The name of the person in charge and contact information will be published after application.
CEO Ome Norimasa
Business outline Handling oil, gas and electricity
It is a comprehensive energy industry.

Focusing on Fukuyama City,
Operation of gas stations, sales of LP gas,
Remodeling, sales of electric power for household corporations,
Installation and sales of industrial solar power generation systems
I am doing.

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