ISC Employment Support Center Light Work / Regular Employee

Light work / full-time employees

ISC Employment Support Center Light Work / Regular Employee

ISC Employment Support Center Co., Ltd.
Light work / full-time employees

Light work / full-time employees
We will provide the company celebration money (total of 20 yen) with Dawn! !
You get 5 yen from your first salary! ※ There is our rule

~ A variety of great conditions ~
☆ Adjustment date
Even those who are working are safe! Tell us your wishes

☆ Drink ticket present
If you participate in the workplace tour, all members will receive a drink ticket that can be used at Starbucks!

☆ Your wallet is safe!
You can eat a full stomach for about 1 yen at a time because meal assistance is provided ♪

[Main duties]
■ Parts processing
Just set the parts on a special machine and take it out when you're done!

■ Inspection
Check the enlarged image of the parts displayed on the monitor.

■ operation check
Test whether the ink can be obtained normally by moving the actually completed parts.

The product is manufactured according to the above flow, but please be assured that one person does not do all the work.
The work is divided for each process, so let's first master the work in charge ♪
Eventually, you can also aim for a “leader” position that brings together members who work together!


Employer name ISC Employment Support Center Co., Ltd.
Head office location The name of the person in charge and contact information will be published after application.
CEO Hiromi Kashimura
Business General worker dispatch business
Paid employment placement business

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