Social Welfare Corporation Asahikai Nursing Home Amenity Josai Care Staff

Social Welfare Corporation Asahikai Nursing Home Amenity Josai Care Staff

Social Welfare Corporation Asahikai
Nursing home Amenity Josai Care staff

Nursing home Amenity Josai Care staff
The facility was opened in 26 month of H10 and is now in 5 year.
This job is mainly for those who have experience in nursing care.
Among them,
◆ I want to provide better quality care
◆ I can't do the kind of care I feel at my workplace
◆ I want to improve my skills more and more
◆ I want to be a leader / responsible person
I would like everyone who has thoughts like ...

What do you think is the reason for retirement at the nursing care workplace?
It seems to be “Human relations” and “I am dissatisfied with the way the business is operating”.

I think this background.
⇒ Most people are serious about nursing (your work). Over time, when you gain experience, you have your own thoughts.
Therefore, it is often the case that “dissatisfied” changes to “I want to take care of myself, but the person in charge does not listen to me”.
If that happens, it will lead to a vicious circle of “human relations” and “does not fit the policy”.

I myself have been in charge of the facility for many years.
[A good workplace = an environment where opinions can be easily expressed].

In order to guarantee this environment, the voice of the staff saying "What should I do?"
In other words, think and execute on site, and correct it when the result comes out. The realization of the PDCA cycle.

Each leader also follows this basic policy.

So I ask everyone.
“Please give your opinion positively.”
“Take action and try to improve.”
"If you don't understand, please ask and be honest."
... There are basic rules, but I hear almost anything.
Try it and think about it together.

As a person in charge, my idea is "orbit correction type"
Rather than desk emptiness, execute the words and think about the next from the results.

Each person who works at the nursing care site is completely a "care service professional."
I consider it as “nursing care service = service industry” and have a strong awareness of improving its service quality.
I would like all of you with experience to work on improving service quality in addition to improving nursing skills.

I have a message that I want to share with everyone who is serious about nursing care.
Please come to the Amenity Josai site.
I would like to exchange opinions on my own.

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Job openings Social Welfare Corporation Asahikai Special Nursing Home Amenity Josai Care Staff
Work location Nakamura-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Working hours Early departure 7: 00 to 16: 00 (break 1h)
Day shift 8: 30 to 17: 30 (break 1h)
Late departure 12: 00 to 21: 00 (break 1h)
Night shift 21: 00-Next 7: 00 (break 2h)
Salary [Example of payment] 22 million 5,300 yen / month (special graduate, experience 4 year, care worker possession, rental housing, night shift 5 times)

Model salary (including various allowances, night shift 4 to 5 times, with additional treatment improvements)
Year 4: 223,000 Yen (Acquisition of care worker!) Annual income 390 10,000 Yen
7 Year: 280,950 Yen (Marriage! Birth of a Child!) Annual Income 480 10,000 Yen

◆ Monthly salary 17 million 1300 yen to 32 10,000 9000 yen (including the following various benefits)
* NEWS * Additional treatment improvements have been added! (H30 results)
Business allowance, dependent allowance, housing allowance, commuting allowance, late night work allowance
☆ Experienced / qualified preferential treatment

When calculating the basic salary, not only caregivers but also other occupations and experience of part-time jobs are important, so please fill in your resume!
Annual income example About 344 10,000 yen-596 10,000 yen
(Monthly salary x 12 months + bonus 4 months + care worker treatment improvement addition (70 10,000 yen)) * H28 year results
● Bonus basis base = (basic salary + work allowance + dependent allowance)
● Improvement of treatment may vary depending on the period of employment and work performance
* Unqualified people are eligible for payment if they work as a care worker.

Holiday-vacation Shift system [9 days per month (2 days only in 8 month)]
* Annual holiday 107 days
(Summer vacation 1 days granted after 3 years of service)
Treatment and benefits ■ Salary increase 1 times a year
■ Bonuses 2 times a year (last year's results 4 months)
■ Nursing care staff improvement addition: paid separately from the bonus of 2 times per year / last year average 50 10,000 yen
■ Enrollment in welfare club (regulated): We support the enrichment of leisure time from leisure to daily life, including families!
■ Meal assistance (1 meal 330 yen x number of times salary deduction)
■ Retirement allowance system (regulated): 2 book stand by the Welfare Medical Organization and Aichi Prefectural Citizens' Association
■ There are childcare leave results
■ Personnel evaluation system
■ Trial period (3 months)
■ Social insurance (Employees' Pension / Health Insurance)
■ Employment insurance

<Details on various benefits>
◆ Business allowance (unqualified: 20,000 yen, care qualification other than support: 25,000 yen, care worker: 30,000 yen)
◆ Support allowance (wife: 16,000 yen, child 2 person: 5,000 yen, 3 person or later: 2,000 yen)
◆ Housing allowance (owned house: 4,500 yen, rent: upper limit 25,000 yen (depending on rent))
◆ Commuting allowance (upper limit of 30,000 yen) [Car commuting OK (advance consultation)]
◆ Other allowance (night shift / standby)


Employer name Social Welfare Corporation Asahikai
Head office location Aichi prefecture Owariasahi city Asahigaoka town muddy pond 1155-18
CEO Yukio Hayashi
Business outline Management of each office based on the Long-term Care Insurance Law
・ Special elderly nursing home (6 facility)
・ Paid nursing home with nursing care (3 facility)
・ Housing for the elderly with services
・ Care house
・ Short stay
・ Day Service Center
・ Visiting care
・ Home care support office
・ Home care support center

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