UT Aim Co., Ltd. Light work / Full-time employees

UT Aim Co., Ltd. Light work / Full-time employees

UT aim corporation
Light work / full-time employees

Light work / full-time employees
Machine operator staff

Because there are many seniors in the workplace, even inexperienced people can be supported firmly ◎ His workplace is Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture [No resume required ☆ LINE interview OK] [JA]

≪Machine operation and inspection of connector manufacturing, material preparation, etc.≫

・ Processing machine parts set

・ Machine operation and inspection of press machine
⇒Set the material and enter the value! Switch ON! Easy work

・ Microscopy
⇒ Check the finished parts for any missing parts!

★ Limited campaign! ★
■ Company housing expenses are free

◎ Immediately after joining the company, regular employees of "UT Aim"!
◎ A support system is in place because there are many senior employees with the same UT aim.
◎ There are long vacations such as GW, summer vacation, year-end and New Year holidays ☆

≪Daily briefing session & interview meeting now held≫
From Monday to Friday, daily briefings and interviews are possible.
Of course we will also support weekends.
Far from the interview venue! Please rest assured!
We will visit your city ☆

━ ・ ━ ・ ━ ・ ━
Enhanced welfare system ◎
━ ・ ━ ・ ━ ・ ━
◆ Various insurance
(Employment / Health / Employees' Pension / Work Accident)
⇒Join the same day on the day of joining the company ♪
◆ Various benefits
(Overtime, holidays, midnight, etc.)
◆ Paid leave
⇒ 6 days granted after joining 10 months (as required by law)
◆ Company housing
◆ Qualification acquisition support system available
◆ There is a retirement system (60 years old)
◆ UT Club Off
⇒Karaoke, restaurants, etc.
You can use up to 80% OFF!
◆ There is a retirement system (60 years old)
⇒As a full-time employee until retirement age
I will hire you.
You can get peace of mind and stability ♪

\ Enhancement of career improvement support system /
There is a system to support your growth ♪


We will talk about the details during the interview!
Please look forward to it ♪

JASDAQ listed company that celebrates 20 anniversary
"UT Group"
A fulfilling welfare program that is stable in the future
We provide an environment where you can continue working.

【Working hours】
08:15~17:15 16:15~00:45 00:15~08:453交替

Shift system (4 duty 1 leave-4 duty) Long leave

Monthly salary from 188000 to 228000 * The maximum salary includes overtime and other benefits * Transportation expenses [Up to the maximum 10, 000 yen! ] * Company provisions

【Qualification requirements】
■ Inexperienced people are welcome! ⇒ Actually, more than 80% of seniors have started with inexperienced manufacturing work. ■ Actively active in 10 to 40 males! ■ I want to be a full-time employee! If you are a part-time worker or a first-time employee, you must be a regular employee of UT Aim. ★) ……………… Flow until joining the company …………… ① Application ▼ ② Visit (If you are difficult to visit, please rest assured because there are LINE interviews and business trip interviews ♪) ▼ ③ Joined ………… ■■ About UT Aim ■■ UT Aim is a company that conducts “indefinite employment dispatch”. Indefinite employment dispatch is a temporary shift from a labor contract with a fixed period to a contract with no fixed period. ★ The biggest merit of working as “indefinite employment dispatch” ★ The point of dispatch (UT Aim) guarantees employment. There is no need to worry about the loss of income and career as soon as the work at the destination is completed, as in “registration-type dispatch”. In addition, you will be able to work with peace of mind both in terms of income and career. // ☆ ━━━━━ Interview & resume is not necessary with smartphone while at home! ■ LINE video interview started! ! ■ * Reservations will be made after application. ━━━━━

UT Aim Co., Ltd. Light work / Apply for full-time employment


Job openings UT Aim Co., Ltd. Light work / Full-time employees
Qualifications ※Job Description
Work location Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture
ACCESS [Nearest Station] [Access] Okuma Main Line "Ushiushigo Station" car 9 minutes
Working hours 08:15~17:15 16:15~00:45 00:15~08:453交替
Salary Monthly income 18 million 8000 yen ~ 22 10,000 8000 yen ◆ Please check the [Salary] item in the work description column
Holiday-vacation Shift system (4 duty 1 leave-4 duty) Long leave
Treatment and benefits Please refer to the Special Instructions [Treatment]


Employer name UT aim corporation
Head office location The name of the person in charge and contact information will be published after application.
CEO Nobuyuki Chikui
Business Batch outsourcing service business for production lines in the manufacturing field

About application and selection

Recruitment schedule You can apply for a recruiting company from Shigotoin.

[Application procedure]
Click the “Apply for this job” button on the screen.
2. Enter your membership registration information
3. Enter your resume information
4. Enter job resume information
5. Submit application data

The application data will be sent to the recruiting company via the job posting media.

[About selection]
The recruiting company will contact the applicant directly.
If you have any questions, please contact the recruiting company.

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